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Red Squirrel Publishing is interested in receiving book proposals for non-fiction works. If you have a book proposal that you would like considered then please take time to read our submission guidelines.
Your submission should include the following materials. These will help us assess your proposal


The Prospectus is a document that outlines all the key points about your book proposal and is the most important part of your pitch. It should include:

    • Introduction – A brief one page synopsis of the book.
    • Structure – Draft table of contents. Include a brief chapter summary for each section. If the title is co-authored or has contributors then note which sections other authors have committed to supplying.
    • Intended Audience – A profile of the types of people likely to buy the book. Quantify the audience sizes for each different reader type. Also identify any reader behaviours – i.e. is the book suited as a course work text book or more likely to be used for reference
    • Selling Points – Outline why you think this book should be published. Explain the unique aspects of your proposal.
    • Existing Titles – Reference other books that have already been published in this field and explain how your book differs.
    • Book Details – Provide the following specifics about the book – expected word count, list any photos or diagrams, formatting requirements,
    • Schedule – List your proposed schedule to complete the manuscript. Include specific tasks and milestones leading up to the manuscript completion.

Current Curriculum Vitae

We require a curriculum vitae for yourself and any co-authors or other significant contributors.

Sample Chapters

If you have already started work on a manuscript then it would be advantageous to include sample chapters for your work.

All book proposals should be sent to us by mailing to the address shown below:

Book Proposals
Red Squirrel Publishing
Suite 235, 15 Ingestre Place

If you require your materials to be returned then please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.